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Great Brington

View from the church in Great Brington. Winter trees in Great Brington. Thatched cottage. Fox and Hounds, Great Brington. St Mary, Great Brington. Inside Great Brington Church. The altar in St Mary's Chuch. Lawrence Washington tombstone.

The Tombstone of Lawrence Washington, Great, Great, Great Grandfather of George Washington

The Manning Family:

A survey of 1781 presented interesting opinions of at least two of the men mentioned here.  

The Redley Family:

This family lived both here and in Little Brington.


The village of Great Brington.

Eliza THOMPSON,   1829

George THOMPSON,   1831

Harriet THOMPSON,   1826

Henry Handgood THOMPSON,   1824

Mary THOMPSON,   1822

Charlotte REDLEY,   1825

Cyril Chapman REDLEY,   1881

Ernest William REDLEY,   1883

Eva Kate REDLEY,   1878

George REDLEY,   1821

George REDLEY,   Abt 1785

James REDLEY,   1816

John REDLEY,   1823

Rebecca REDLEY,   1819

William REDLEY,   1814

William REDLEY,   1852

Ann MANNING,  1789

Charlotte MANNING,   1791

Edward MANNING,   1744

John MANNING,   1736

John MANNING,   1754

Joseph MANNING,   1742

Joseph MANNING,   1756

Joseph MANNING,   1791

Martha MANNING,   1740

Mary MANNING,   1752

Matthias MANNING,   1757

Nathaniel MANNING,   1759

Richard MANNING,   1738

Thomas MANNING,   1750

William MANNING,   1746

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Near Althorp House, the home of the Spencer family is the village of Great Brington.

In the News ………. 1895

P.C. Redley and the bicycle theft.

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